Our Technology Expertise

Our expertise is extended across multiple domains. We ensure a thorough understanding of your business process, and work towards technologies and solutions that focus straight on requirements.

Product Development & Engineering

From innovation idea to design, planning and production, a product development is a complex process that goes under many phases requiring immense efforts, revisions and efficiency.It is an art that requires the engineers to pay constant attention to not just the product but to the market needs and technology demands as well.

At YAMA, we engineer excellent quality products that delight the users and gets in the market faster than its competition. With our Product Development & Engineering services, we aim at producing results and products that consistently exceed the expectations of our valuable customers.

Business Digitization

Converting analog information into its digital for, in other terms Business Digitization has become crucial for businesses of every size in this era. Achieve such transformations have been made possible with electronic devices that can process, store and transmit information to different equipment and networks. 

 At YAMA, we help businesses with such transformation and easy migration of their human driven processes to online digital platforms equipped with IT devices. YAMA ensures provision of such platforms and complete services for companies of multiple sizes to achieve a smooth transition, curbing their challenges and enhancing their growth. YAMA’s Business Digitization Solutions have helped client companies to earn new revenue as well as take advantage of the opportunities that produce value.

Custom Software Developments on Both Web & Mobile Technology

With rising competition in the market, we understand our customers’ customized needs to automate their workflow and build a tough presence on both web and mobile platforms. With 15+ years of experience in the industry, our team of experts holds the capabilities to provide customized solutions embedded in all the latest technologies that can address the challenges of the businesses and help maintain and upgrade the processes with ease. Our expertise in extensive areas of software development makes us adept at providing custom software solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Offshore Development

YAMA TECH specializes in software engineering and offshore product development providing an array of services from simple coding to custom development, software support and maintenance. Offshoring your software development holds many benefits such as reducing development time, improved product with latest technology and cost effective result within short term.

YAMA TECH possesses skilled teams that can deliver any customized needs of the customer within the desired time window, leading to a more beneficial outcome and organization growth. Following the latest trends; we provide our software development solutions to our overseas partners and co-invent the new verticals of today’s fast growing business domains.

Platform Integration Services

In this era of smart technology with numerous applications, software and data,it is crucial to achieve an errorless and effortless integration across all the systems and applications.A technology partner such YAMA TECH does an excellent job when it comes to providing Platform Integration Services.

To keep your business ahead of the curve, YAMA Products are made highly modular that can exchange the valuable data across all the well known ERP vendors such as.

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • Or anyother Custom ERP

eCommerce & CMS

Considering the digital world we live in, it is crucial fr the organizations and businesses to regularly update and manage the websites and applications. A good CMS helps such businesses to manage such technical requirements easily without a specialized knowledge.

YAMA TECH is adept at providing efficient CMS and eCommerce Solutions that can reduce overheads costs while accelerating profitability and business ROI. Our skilled tech teams are expert at providing perfect solutions that addresses your specific objectives and overall development.

Powerful Cloud Computing

Powerful Cloud Computing which is a very fast selling term, today, can enhance the quality and productivity of any business.Cloud services cannot just lower your operating cost but can also help attain business growth meeting your scaling needs in an efficient manner.

YAMA TECH owns a dedicated team to provide end to end services, to observe the application performance and provide the necessary support to keep your business up and running 24 x 7. Over the years, we have achieved excellence in DevOps and cloud native applications that can ensure catering to your unique requirements.